Major arcana tarot reading

There are different people who repeat "I must be", in this case, they are beings who never had the chance to really be who they want to be since they always had to be what they ought to be. People who have acted as they were told they should do so, and who have been in situations that did not make them happy. People with a low earthly energy and in constant contact with the reality around them.
Physically strong but who come across as weak about to trip over the slightest test, they seek affection and love in those around them, in addition to constant approval of what they do.
Being able to say I love you is a small phrase that represents for them something so massive and heavy that it is almost impossible for them to say it, since their inner energy paralyzes and prevents them from testing their inner abilities to overcome obstacles and set new goals to achieve. This is why when a loved one says "I love you", "I need you", "you are the most important thing", they do not wholly believe it since they live in a reality that is not theirs.
They are bodies that need to be flexible; they need to know that life is looking after them, and that they can stop shrinking when faced against daily life, especially to know they have a place saved for them just like they are.
People who must look at life and face it with all their energies, which are eager "to see light", and thus express freely without restrains or external hindrances.
For all these people who need unconditional support, companionship and spiritual guidance, they now also count on fortune-telling to reach those impossible goals so far by asking the cards.
This is why we will always encourage you to ask different tarot spreads, and to discover new dimensions that hitherto had been hidden.
It is a personal decision to accept curiosity and the new things that the knowledge of these dimensions can bring about, alternatively, we can carry on with the false safety of ourselves, and the stiffness of our own body that separates us from the true energy of people.
Share with the wisdom of the tarot cards and the divine energy, and feel how those who felt locked inside their thoughts, hostages of their imposed behavior and daily prisoners of their own words; are reborn with a renewed strength, clean energy and can start enjoying their whole life, full of joy, love, happiness and fulfillment.
Ultimately, life calls us to be and to have the ability to communicate and share it with others, especially during difficult moments of emotional and spiritual feebleness.
Ask the tarrot cards NOW and discover how you can start changing your lives and the life of your loved ones.