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We human beings belong to the earth and represent the greatest complexity of nature.
In terms of knowledge and evolution, we are far more evolved than the rest of the species; our rationality is a great data base where we store absolutely everything that we live, feel, dream and do.
But unlike other beings, our brain can trigger several responses to different external stimuli to response in a quick and self-protecting way from the different factors that can cause stress, pain, suffering as well as positive stimuli like love within a couple, the happiness of our loved ones, feeling fulfilled.
All these stimuli are present ever yday, and we must be able to "manage" them with awareness and knowledge of ourselves. For instance, we can trigger the response to stress with our thoughts and generate in our body the same chemical change that would have happened in a real situation.
This is the reason why we can generate changes to our physiology with our thoughts. That is why our thoughts can make us feel sick or even kill us. We need to have control over our thoughts so they do not make us feel sick, and in the long term, become something damaging to our life and the lives of those around us.
From this point of view, it is critical to count on all possible helps to be able to control and bear our thoughts, particularly the negative ones, since our life and its quality depends on that. It is useless to have a lot of money if our family is a madhouse, or having a lot of power at work but not being able to enjoy free time because we are tired or have no energy to share with our loved ones.
Tarot can be an alternative help so you can count on more support and extra help to achieve control over your daily thoughts and events.
By doing a free tarot spread whenever you feel necessary, according to your present situation, you will surely obtain a positive result to know who you thoughts can help you be happier and to enjoy life as you truly deserve.
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Be certain that the energy of the universe will always be on your side, and when you truly desire what can make you feel good and fulfilled.