Tower (Celtic cross)


This card is about sudden change that usually comes unexpected, like a flash light from a clear sky. It will modify your ways of doing things, what you have dreamed of, your beliefs. You will see that it was for the greater good and what this change really brought you was release because what you had built up wasn't very strong. Maybe nothing could rock its grounds, you were ambushed in a bad situation without realizing it. In a love relationship, you get to know things about your partner that really changes your point of you to your relationship and life together. Your ideas and dreams for the life you would share got twist upside down, and it hurts. If you’re single, your love life may be taking a change of direction but it turns out he/she wasn't who you thought he was. In matters of work, you might not achieve what you have desired and wanted, but if you do, something better is on the way further on.