Chakras reading

Buying an airplane ticket is the perfect analogy to meditation. Meditation gets us closer to our own Self, to the source where we come from and that lets us live our own nature. Therefore, we must embark on a long and initiation journey that is a test of our inner strength, the unique confidence to overcome any obstacle that we should find along the path.
We must leave our fears at the beginning of the road, and cultivate our inner force, let our uncertainties fall off and strengthen our confidence. Within Tarot, the numberless arcana has to go on a trip, has to turn madness into wisdom, and in order to do so he shall overcome endless tests awaiting.
The Fool represents a jester or a nobody, a free spirit but also a walker, a seeker.
That who moves away from the road or the usual is an eccentric, a marginal.
That who walks through the wild side carries a stigma, generates rejection but also fear. This person that seeks beyond what is established, that questions; can be considered as a visionary, an enlightened one or a person with little "normal" qualities.
Practicing Meditation dismantles the shallow and superficial vision of the world, questions the single thought and one-sidedness, therefore, drives us away from conventional. We all dream with the freedom of this arcana, even though it is overhasty and quixotic, he has the courage to walk new roads to find fulfillment.
The Fool goes over three stages.
The first one is to fix the world. If we cannot stand on our own feet, it will be very difficult to go beyond the threshold of spirituality and the soul. When the world arounds us narrows the fence, it is quite easy and comfortable to seek shelter in any refuge.
The second stage is knowing that the world is lived from the inside, and that everything is a projection of our desires, fears and concerns. We must learn to get rid of all the banal things until we are left with what is basic, that is, the path to knowledge.
The third and last stage is the path to transcendence. We must understand that beyond ourselves lies infiniteness awaiting for us. We must review our inner self, drop the cuirass, purify our hopes and live the fulfillment of today, that is, the freedom of the self and the person.
Meditation goes through similar stages. We "fight" against the posture and the body; we come across knowledge and then turn ourselves in to freedom.