10 of Coins (Cross Spread)

10 of Coins

The Ten is a great sign that regardless of the setbacks and challenges that may come up along the way; you will eventually get to a point of attainment and achievement in your journey. This sense of attainment is likely to be because of an improved career path, a stable home environment, sturdy financial reserves and a committed and long-term relationship. This is the type of card that shows that everything will eventually crystallize in an incredible way and you will feel really proud and successful of what you have attained.
This card can evoke the figure of the wealthy retired father that can now relax and enjoy his home and family. He has worked really hard in his life to build up prosperity, security and wealth. He has the financial resources to share with his loved ones and to make sure that they are well financed, which in turn makes him happy to be able to provide for them.
Focusing on the family, you may be more willing to direct a lot of your energy into making sure that your family has everything that they need, from finances, to security and a good home. You want to ensure that your children and family will always have everything they need.
The Ten of Pentacles shows the incredibly importance of family. It stands for tradition, sense of belonging to something bigger. It means that you belong to a long chain of individuals who create a family, a society, a tribe.
The Ten of Pentacles is also a card of abundance and wealth. You are blessed with material prosperity and are now free from any sort of money difficulties. You feel financially secure and you are lucky enough to have fortune and success on your side to make sure that your financial reserves are high.
This card reflects the creation of a lasting foundation for future success. It implies a commitment to a sustainable future, bearing in mind not only the short-term benefits of a certain undertaking but also the long-term ones. It is about investing in the long-term and knowing that you need a steadfast approach in order to attain success that will last.