10 of Cups (Cross Spread)

10 of Cups

The Ten of Cups represents happiness, emotional fulfilment and joy, especially in the area of family and relationships. It represents a romantic state of harmony, peace and love in which all your dreams have come true and you are experiencing good fortune. It is advisable to stop and appreciate all that you have achieved so far, and be grateful about it.
This card, with the image of the family and home, represents a loving and harmonious loving family life. There are no fights or tension. It is an environment of happiness and peace that it brings about loving relations. It might suggest a family celebration or reunion where you come together with family members. It is a great time to bond with them.
The Ten of Cups is also very positive regarding romantic relationships, so it may suggest the beginning of a happy relationship or the satisfaction of a long-term one. Although love and commitments are required for this satisfaction, this card promises that a lasting love can be built by making an effort.
This card represents a moment of clarity regarding your personal values and beliefs, and your life is aligned to these values.
The Ten of Cups urges you to follow your heart and intuition to find the best opportunities. You know that you can trust your intuition to guide you. It is best to look for opportunities that fulfill you and which are aligned to those values instead of doing what others expect you to do.