10 of Swords (Cross Spread)

10 of Swords

The Ten of Swords usually indicates an unexpected and sudden failure or disaster.. Sometimes you will be able to alter the course of this impending disaster but most of the time you will simply have to take the hit. This card can also indicate a time when you have been betrayed by someone you thought you could trust. You feel incredibly shocked and hurt by such a betrayal.
The Ten of Swords also indicates a difficult experience of endings, pain, loss or release. As with all endings there will be a new beginning and a rejuvenation of the spirit. So, while this card may seem negative at first, it is a card of hope and an indication that your troubles will not be forever.
The Ten of Swords is about releasing and accepting your current circumstances. You no longer resist change but allow it to happen, even if it brings some initial pain. You accept that there must be change in order to ease renewal, and you allow it to occur instead of fighting it.
When this card appears after a painful situation, it is a signal to rise from the ground and to think about what happened to you and why, and what you can learn from the experience. Beneath the surface of the Ten of Swords lies the ultimate power of the Swords suit – the ability to analyze the situation and your responses, and learn from yourself. True wisdom comes from within. The Ten of Swords is a sign that the pain and hurt you have endured is not purposeless. The positive power within you can be used to learn from your pain and gather wisdom from defeat.