2 of Coins (Cross Spread)

2 of Coins

The consciousness of the individual, which is being represented by the sea, is stirred by apparent conflicting interests. The Two of Pentacles represents the need to balance the business undertaking of the Ace with other significant ears of life like friends, family, and our own mental, spiritual and physical wellness. Life will always be uncertain, but if you can balance and bring harmony between all the demands on you, you will live in prosperity and happily.
This card is a reminder to keep vigilant, patient and nimble as you try to balance your friends, family, work, health, finance and new challenges. You need to know where you want to invest your energy and time. We tend to get distracted by daily affairs, so having a priority of activities and managing carefully your time is critical.
The Two of Pentacles can sometimes indicate that there are incoming difficulties and problems. There might be obstacles that obstruct your fulfilment of what you want to pursue. This situation may produce you excessive concern, you will need to juggle your priorities and effectively manage your time to do well out of this situation.
The Two of Pentacles predicts change. You need to be able to handle change, keeping your approach adaptable and flexible. While doing so you must remain centered and informed. Look for new opportunities and be open to change.