3 of Coins (Cross Spread)

3 of Coins

The Three of Pentacles, just like the Threes in the other suits, stands for initial completion of a plan or goal. The Threes stand for the attainment and materialization of business or creative venture, or a building project. There is an initial satisfaction to be enjoyed now the project is moving well. You have all the necessary skills to achieve your goals; therefore, you have the ability to succeed in all your undertakings.
This card conveys a message of encouragement. If you keep on working towards the attainment of your dreams and remain passionate despite of disappointments, you will attain success and experience prosperity. This card indicates that dreams can become true with determination, effort and persistence.
The Three of Pentacles may also suggest that you need help to complete your work and can appeal to the experience and knowledge of others. It may be beneficial to share your work with a partner but only if they are as diligent as you.
Teamwork and collaboration are at the center of the Three of Pentacles. As pictured in the card, there is no sense of superiority. Each person has something unique to offer and at the same time is willing to learn from others. Effective sharing and listening is contributing to the group to get the work done.
The Three of Pentacles also indicates the importance of feedback. The apprentice is open to listen to the architects and take their feedback on his progress. His main goal is to do a great job, and knows that the architects can help him to get there. He takes their feedback to continuously improve his work instead of taking it personally.
Effective management, organization and planning are essential parts of this card. To attain important goals, like building a cathedral, it is mandatory to have a detailed planning that makes sure that all the elements are progressing. This card reflects a time when it is critical to have a detailed plan and to follow it.