4 of Coins (Cross Spread)

4 of Coins

This card has positive and negative perceptions. On the one hand, this card means that you have attained many goals and great material wealth in doing so. On the other hand, however, there is the risk to end up valuing only material wealth, and thus, become greedy or possessive and afraid that somebody might take your wealth away.
The Four of Pentacles indicates that you are in a financially stable position and safe with sturdy investments. You are very conservative about money and are not inclined to gamble in financial matters. You protect what you have accumulated over time, and slowly increase your net worth by means of investments and saving money. You are financially and emotionally self-sufficient, since you often relate money with emotional stability.
Despite this card shows a financially stable and practical person, it indicates oftentimes greed, possessiveness and an excessively wary approach to life. Maybe you are afraid to take risks because you fear losing everything that you have achieved so far. Thus, you might be uncertainly unfulfilled and unhappy.
This card indicates one of the dangers of prosperity, to be tempted to value money way over its real worth. This can lead to extreme attachment to material things, and it is unhealthy in the long run. This implies that possessions have become your life, and you value your worth on how expensive your car is, or your TV, or your house. This also implies that you have to keep on working to generate an income that is sustainable for this standard of living and your obsession with the material possession.