5 of Swords (Cross Spread)

5 of Swords

The Five of Swords finds you in disagreement with others, or in conflict, which in turn leads to hostility and tension. Although you may think you have won, you still might end up being the loser because you have annoyed or hurt other and thus isolated yourself. You will need to decide if your own point of view is so important as to risk you relationship with others.
The Five of Swords can also represent conquest. If you have been aggressive in your struggles, then you will soon accomplish your objectives. Things will not go as well as they should, and you will have conflicts or clashes of will with others.
The Five of Swords can indicate a betrayal or sneak attack by someone you trust and regard as your enemy. You must be very careful whom you trust at this point in time because you are vulnerable to attack and gossip.
The Five of Swords may simply indicate a defeat. It shows that despite doing your best efforts, you are likely to be beaten. Accept your defeat, learn from it, and then make sure that next time you are successful.
The Five of Swords can be seen from a really different angle – like a hollow victory. Maybe the two “defeated"men pictured in this card were not really defeated; they just laid won their arms and walked away. Those who are able to know when to fight and when not to fight are the real winners.
The advice of this card is to choose your battles. You might be tempted to fight every battle to make sure you get your way, or to defend yourself when you feel challenged by others.