6 of Coins (Cross Spread)

6 of Coins

The Six of Pentacles represents a state of being in harmony with your money. The amount that comes and the amount that leaves are in balance, and you are grateful for what you have without being covetous, and you are happy to share it with others in need. This card is about charity. You may be the wealthy man giving away his wealth or the beggars thankfully receiving what this man has to offer.
If you happen to be the wealthy man, then you have accumulated great wealth and are now in a position in which you can offer assistance to those who need it. Consider charity or giving a hand to someone who needs your support. The benevolence of the Six is not limited to money and material things. You can give your wisdom, gifts, money or even your intangible presence is welcome just as well.
You may also be willing to make a loan to someone, under the assumption that they will pay you back once they get back on their feet. This loan is built upon good faith and trust, knowing that if you give something away, it will eventually come back to you. Bear in mind that this is a short-term fix and not a sustainable solution to achieve self-sufficiency. Think, then, on how you can support your friend or family in a way that bolsters them to eventually stand on their feet.
If you happen to be the beggars in the Six of Pentacles, then you may be on the receiving end of somebody’s kind activities. This will help you to get back on your feet and eventually give back to the generous individual or organization, be it with your time or wealth. You will also need to look for ways to become more self-sufficient in the long-term. Charity carries the risk of becoming dependent on it and not being able to look after yourself.