7 of Coins (Cross Spread)

7 of Coins

The Seven of Pentacles shows that you have a strong will to invest in the things that will provide benefits in the long-term. You understand the value of investing energy and time now for longer-term rewards. You also want to ensure that you are focusing on the right areas that will delivery you great value. You have a long-term view and you are focused on the sustainability of results.
The Seven of Pentacles suggests you have been working really hard or investing an extra effort into something that will finally pay off. Your effort will surely be worth it and you will be able to see the rewards and results of your work. It is possible that you see financial or any other kind of tangible rewards for your hard work.
Sometimes, this card can convey frustration. You have been working at something big and start to feel worried that your efforts will never be rewarded. Be patient and value the progress made so far. If your hard work has not paid off yet, as you were expecting, bear in mind that your expectations might be unrealistic. Be thankful, focus on the present and do what you can with what you have right now.
Since in the Seven of Pentacles you are enjoying the rewards of effort and hard work, the question is if the rewards of this hard work are actually worth the effort to attain them. Often, at the time of greatest success you realize that what you wanted so much is in fact a little bit disappointing and perhaps not really worth the effort.
Thus, the Seven of Pentacles may represent fear of delays, failure and frustration. The positive side is that you are more likely to learn from these reversals and assess how you can better invest your time. To avoid feeling frustrated, make sure that you review your progress at certain intervals, especially when you are delaing with enduring or long-term work, so you can review what is working and what is not, and see where you have to make adjustments.