7 of Swords (Cross Spread)

7 of Swords

The Seven of Swords is a card of betrayal and deception. It states the difficulty of trying to'get away with something‘ unnoticed and undetected. Thus, this card urges caution when attempting to use deception to gain an advantage over someone or something else. Taking the easy path is not always the best path, and sometimes you just have to make a great effort to achieve what you want.
The Seven of Swords suggests that you may be tempted to sneak away from a particular situation that is not working for you anymore. Are you trying to run away from responsibility, love, hard work or a commitment? You may be procrastinating. Sometimes you just have to face what has to be faced.
On the contrary, the Seven of Swords asks you to be very cautious so that you do not become a victim of someone else‘s deception, cheating and betrayal. You may trust someone who then turns out to have interests of their own. You need to be very careful of whom you trust during these coming months.
Sometimes, the Seven of Swords indicates a desire to go alone. You want to investigate, discover, and solve every problem using only your own resources. This approach is useful when you need to assert your independence or to bypass an ineffectual group but it can also have its limitations. If you feel inclined to act alone, be certain that this isolation will really work for you.