9 of Cups (Cross Spread)

9 of Cups

Nine represents completion and personal integrity. The final stage of development that might bring problems with it. Past experiences are important here. You are likely to spend more time thinking about huge ideas instead of doing what you need to get done to carry out those ideas. Although it is a good thing to think like this, you need a balance with actions in order to ensure that you are able to fulfil your dreams.
The Nine of Cups in a general sense indicates happiness in areas such as finance, health, luck, work, relationships or love. After the difficult choices of the Seven and the stagnation indicated by the Eight, the Nine starts a balance within the Cups suit. It is one of the most positive cards of the entire deck; it shows satisfaction on emotional, sensual and physical levels.
This card is also about living in the moment, enjoying good things that life can offer you. It is a good exercise to begin or finish the day by making a mental list of three things which you are grateful for. Eventually you will find that there are lots of things to be happy about, and thus, it increases your feeling of fulfilment and happiness.
The Nine of Cups also represents stability and progression. This card indicates pleasure and happiness with what you have achieved, and it paves the way for the future. You can look forward to the future because your worries are left in the past.
The man in the card also seems to have a self-satisfied look on his face. This suggests that you can take pleasure in the fact that what you set out to achieve is almost done. Treat yourself since you know how hard you have worked to get there.