Ace of Cups (Cross Spread)

Ace of Cups

In this card, you are offered a big cup and invited to reach out and drink from it. This symbolizes both spiritual and emotional fulfilment. It is a chance that is up to you.
The Ace of Cups stands for the beginning of happiness, compassion and love. It may indicate the beginning of a friendship or a romance. But not any relationship, a special one in which you can feel the connection, one in which you are happy to have met that person.
The flow of emotion is represented by the water in the card, suggesting that positive energy and emotion will be produced between two people. It‘s necessary to experience new love or the feeling of unconditional love. Opening your heart to what lies around you. Your love will always attract love to you.
The Ace of Cups also implies the idea that love is the essence of situations, whether they are romantic or not. It‘s important to look for ways to connect with others. Is there anyone you want to ask for forgiveness or forgive? Is it possible for you to set aside anger to find peace? It‘s a time of peace in your life, so make good use of it with friends or yourself.
This card is about creative expression too; especially when there is a possibility to let your feelings shine. You are open to sharing and experiencing your inner feelings. You might feel inspired to being a new creative project, take up art lessons or even dancing lessons. You are able to see potential in letting your creative essence flow, and thus, you are open to new options and stimulate your imagination to let your talent unfold. You are at a point in your life in which you feel comfortable with yourself and with what you feel, so you are not afraid to show and express that part of yourself to other people.
Certainly the Ace of Cups contains a compassionate and generous element. It is a time of giving, and offering yourself to new options to help others in need. You will find that the more you give, the more you receive.
This Card sometimes indicates fertility. Literally, it means that the Ace of Cups implies pregnancy, conception. The other cards of the reading should be looked at to confirm if there is indeed the chance of new life (typically the Empress and Page of Cups). Metaphorically, it means the “birth"of a new idea. It might represent the starting of a project in which you invest a lot of creative and loving energy.