Devil reversed (Cross Spread)

Devil reversed

When the Devil is reversed, it indicates a growing awareness that you want to break free these harmful bonds. You may now be more ready and able to accept changes in your life and you may be more open to taking on new perspectives. You will need to battle your inner fears and nervousness to release yourself from the chains that bind you to your unhealthy habits. Take this opportunity to produce a positive change in your life by providing yourself with ongoing motivation and support. You must keep true to your goal of freedom.
If you have not yet yielded to bad habits or addictions, be wary of opening yourself up to these temptations in the future. Look out for anything that might put you in debt or under the control of another person. Avoid anything that might harm you physically, such as alcohol, drugs, or any other addictions because these will prove to be very difficult to get rid of later.
The Devil reversed may also refer to the Buddhist principle of detachment. Detachment is a state in which you surmount your attachment to the desire for things, people or concepts of the world, thus attaining a strengthened perspective. The detached person is the happiest, because to live without attachment is to live in genuine freedom. It does not mean that you no longer care for people or things, but you can live in a way in which you are not defined by their existence.