Fool (Cross Spread)


The Fool Tarot card is a card of potential, new beginnings and innocence. The Fool card shows the greatest potential for your life, achieving a state of renewal and new beginnings, in which each day is an adventure and each moment is lived to its fullest. This Tarot card represents the beginning of all creativity and a longing for achieving new objectives (or, at least, starting to work towards those goals). The Fool means that anything can happen and the opportunities are just waiting to be taken advantage of.
In a Tarot reading, the Fool represents the need to start a new journey, one that is completely unknown and will take you to unexplored territories. The Fool is all about new experiences, personal growth, development and adventure. This card requires you to take a ‘leap of faith’ and to trust in the Universe in that if you start a new journey, you will succeed. The Fool enjoys a life free from any worries and anxiety. He does not seem to get worried if he does not really know what lies ahead.
The Fool might represent a choice that has to be made—one of key importance. However, there are always several alternatives available and the choice must be made wisely. Should you be facing a decision or moment of doubt, the Fool will encourage you to believe in yourself and follow your heart regardless of how insane or foolish your impulses may seem. This is a moment in which you need to truly ‘believe’ and have faith in where the Universe takes you.
The Fool is a great Tarot card to meditate about if you are experiencing lots of fear in your life. The Fool strengthens courage, the ability to take risks, and the creative expression that is needed to open up new areas in your life.
The Fool is always whole, healthy and fearless. He represents the spirit of who we are, the spirit expressed and experienced as wonder, curiosity and anticipation. We never know what lies ahead but like the Fool we must blindly move forth. You need to believe that you are a spirit born into flesh to enjoy life and grow in experience. Take risks and see what happens.
Does this card appear frequently in your Tarot readings? Perhaps the Universe is trying to tell you something.