Hanged man reversed (Cross Spread)

Hanged man reversed

The Hanged Man reversed indicates a period when you feel you are sacrificing a lot and getting nothing in return. It is as though you are suspended in time and unable to move forward, backward or even sideways to get out of your present situation. There are external realities or internal issues that are putting on hold your dreams and goals. This period of suspension is like a prompt for what is about to come.
You might be postponing making a decision hoping that it will all figure itself out somehow eventually. However, oftentimes this is just wishful thinking. You are simply delaying the inevitable and at some point you will be pushed to make a decision and a sacrifice in the process.
The Hanged Man reversed suggests a loss of faith in your ability to overcome life’s obstacles. It is very important at this time to look inwards through meditation and restore your faith in your ability to get over life’s challenges. This difficult time will soon pass. Accept your circumstances and be at peace with yourself.
Alternatively, you may be preoccupied with yourself and unwilling to make a necessary sacrifice or compromise for the greater good. You may be acting in a selfish or even conceited manner, and significantly cutting loose others who are trying to work cooperatively with you.