Hermit reversed (Cross Spread)

Hermit reversed

The reversed Hermit can suggest two opposite things. You are either not taking enough time for personal reflection, or you are taking too much. If you are having difficulties to connect more deeply with your spiritual self, the Hermit reversed encourages you to create more time and space so that you can meditate and reflect on your spiritual self. Maybe you have been so busy coping with the day-to-day issues that you have forgotten to reflect inwardly and listen to your inner voice.
If you have already been spending a lot of time reflecting on your inner self, then the appearance of the reversed Hermit may suggest that you are spending too much time alone in excessive solitude. You are literally becoming a hermit and disconnecting yourself off from others. While this period is helping you on a spiritual level, you may be feeling temporarily isolated and alone. Do not underestimate the value of staying connected with others, even while you are going through your own s
piritual journey. Be attentive, too, of other people’s needs. It is no good to become absorbed in yourself and your personal dilemmas that you exclude your loved ones from your life.
In a relationship reading, the reversed Hermit can indicate unasked-for isolation. For example, one person may want to be alone or may be drawing back from the relationship, while the other person wants to intensify the connection. You will need to respect each other’s request for space but also be there to support as appropriate. Alternatively, the idea of being alone and on your own is so dismaying and unappealing at this time that you do everything in your power to stay together. Even if there are challenges in the relationship, you both do not want to be apart from each other as separation will only make you feel empty.
If you are currently single, you may be becoming tired of being alone and instead strongly desire a relationship or close connection at this time. If you have already separated, you may be ready to look for a new relationship or connection as you deem your time alone has been enough.