Justice (Cross Spread)


The Justice card represents justice, fairness, the law and truth. As an result, the Justice card indicates that the fairest decision will be made. You are being called to account for your actions and be judged accordingly. Since the Justice’s scales are balanced, it seems as if the events have gone the way they were meant to go, and the results comes from the decisions you have made and actions you have taken in the past.
Justice reflects the search for truth. You need to know and speak the truth and notice it in the words and acts of others. Be impartial and just with all and you will soon be able to detect trickery in yourself and others. This is a time to remain objective and to base your judgment on fact.
Justice represents a conscious awareness that your decisions and actions have long-term consequences and your present and future circumstances are most likely a result of these decisions and actions.
The Justice cards also indicates a time in which making decisions is required. There is something in your life that needs attention, solution or mediation. Look to the two cards at either side of the Justice card to understand what is it that you are pondering in your decision-making. Are you the one to pass judgment or are you the one to accept a decision made by someone else? It is important to remain as objective as possible while searching for the truth of the matter. The inner arbitrator, your conscience for instance, has a big responsibility to make the right decision.
Justice often refers to legal matters. The legal system is the official domain where the principles of Justice (impartiality, fairness and the quest for truth) are explored. If the Justice cards comes in a reading when there are legal matters on the horizon, expect the outcome to be fair and just. If you are the person demanding justice, justice will be served. If you have acted in a deceitful way, justice will prevail and you will need to account for your actions.