King of Coins (Cross Spread)

King of Coins

The King of Pentacles represents ambition, power, security, stability, disciplines, trustworthiness, abundance and control. He is a fatherly figure and likes to take care of others by providing guidance, wisdom, financial support and advice. He is an authentic provider and generates his worth from what he can share with others and from what he has accumulated.
He is a great example of financial stability. Experience and wealth come easily to him and he shares it with everyone around him. This man has reached the summit of his influence and financial power to be certain that his prosperity will continue. He is able to attain anything he sets his mind to because he has already shown himself.
The King of Pentacles indicates the final attainment of an investment, a business venture or a creative project. By means of responsibility, diligence and attention to detail you have achieved great things. You can now delight in all that you have attained.
The King is really venturesome and business-oriented. He becomes deeply committed to any activity that can generate more business or wealth. He has the ability to turn any venture successful and has a talent to find business opportunities. He is an innate manager and a businessperson. He can grab an idea and make it work.
The King of Pentacles suggests that a planned, well thought and methodical approach will take you to success. The fact that he can be considered boring and unimaginative might be due to his preference to do things in the manners that have been tried and tested.
The King of Pentacles urges you to be practical. You need to go back to basics and use your problem-solving skills to find a solution. The King of Pentacles can also be involved in the political game as well, engaging agreeably with everyone regardless of their status.
The King of Pentacles reminds you to keep in mind that treasuring the luxurious and exciting side to life often makes it more delightful. Thus, this King focuses quality over quantity, and it is also about learning to delight in a joyful and full life.