Page of Coins (Cross Spread)

Page of Coins

The Page of Pentacles is a card of dreams and the desire to materialize them. You may be in the middle of a new project such as a business venture, hobby or the beginning of a new educational experience. In any case, the Page is a sign of enthusiasm and yearning, focused around a goal. The card does not indicate the fulfilment of dreams, but it indicates the initial motivation and energy to begin the process of making those dreams come true. This card bolsters you to begin to establish clear actions and plans that will lead you to attain your goals. You need to keep focused on the tangible and practical elements, keep your feet on the ground and do not get distracted with more ideas and concepts. Focus on what is achievable and realistic. At this time, a pragmatic approach and your common sense will take you to success.
The Page of Pentacles wishes to learn all things. He is devoted to knowledge and the achievement of new skills and wisdom. He is focused in his pursuits and interests. The appearance of this card suggests that after you have mastered new skills and set your mind to attain specific goals, success will come. Do not be afraid to be an apprentice once again, even if there is another area in which you are a master.
Sometimes, the Page of Pentacles can represent a young person who has an entrepreneurial spirit. He might be desirous to achieve wealth by following a business idea or learning new skills. Despite his youth, this Page shows great commitment, enthusiasm, devotion and has a strong sense of responsibility to conclude this project.