Page of Cups (Cross Spread)

Page of Cups

The Page of Cups indicates the beginning of a creative project. It means there is creative energy trying to burst from your consciousness. Explore this new creativity through drama, art, dance, etc.
Your unconscious mind is also trying to speak to you, through your dreams or through encounters with significant people. The message is that you must be open to the unexpected, impulses of the creative spirit and not shut out inspiration simply because it does not fit in with a rational point of view. This is a good time to trust your intuition.
This card indicates that you are more likely to show your emotions now. There are simple things that might be more emotional to you. Do not be afraid and let yourself show those feelings. It is ok to be romantic and sentimental!
This card is like your inner child – free, creative, intuitive and inspired. It is a spirit whose imagination is free to dream and to create life as he chooses. In this way, the Page of Cups stands for renewal of your creative and emotional self to let that freedom come up again in your life.
This card encourages you to take a new perspective on a difficult problem and to approach that situation with love and compassion. Never stop listening to your intuition, and believe in your dreams.