Queen of Swords (Cross Spread)

Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords represents the harshness of a mature intellect which is void from emotion. In mythology, the feminine is associated with emotion, yet in this card the woman is gloomy and calm, and without much feeling. This card therefore represents the intellect‘s ability to judge and discern impartially, without the influence of emotion or. It is not that she does not care about others but she connects to other people through an intellectual understanding instead of an emotional understanding.
The Queen of Swords indicates that you need to be independent in thought and in judgment. You must use your impartial intelligence in order to make a judgment of a particular situation, collecting every piece of information and fact that you have gathered along the way. Do not let emotion get in the way. Use fact and logic to make your decisions instead.
The Queen of Swords also has an innate ability to go to the point. She is a quick thinker and highly perceptive, and as such, she can get straight to the point. Naturally, there is no'beating about the bush‘, or'softening‘ of her comments, opinions and thoughts. She is frank and honest about her opinions, and expects the same from others. Thus, the best way to interact with the Queen of Swords is to remain as impartial as possible, and to present your thoughts and opinions succinctly and honestly.