Star reversed (Cross Spread)

Star reversed

Reversed, it suggests that your spiritual mission is distorted. You are feeling hopeless or discouraged. Instead of being filled with positive possibilities, you find yourself lingering over negative issues. Negative thoughts will shrink you to the point where you may give up control of the situation and admit defeat. To solve this, the reversed Star suggests you identify what is making you feel disheartened or overwhelmed and work on moving past these issues. They can gain far more importance than they deserve and thus hinder you.
The reversed Star card also indicates that you are beginning to feel disconnected and uninspired with life or parts of your life. Maybe you started out with great vision and excitement but you are now finding yourself overwhelmed by day-to-day routines that are boring and dreary. This Tarot card is of special relevance for career readings, when you are feeling that you are no longer connected to the work you do and you feel that you need to move on or make a significant change to your career.
The Star reversed may reflect a loss of faith in a particular situation, which leaves you waiting for a sign to proceed further. You may need reassurance that you are still on the right path, particularly if you have been experiencing difficulties or challenges along the journey. Remember the advice of the Tower, which is to see these setbacks as opportunities to grow and change. Often, the reversed Star card is more about a test of faith than it is an indication of a negative result. Sometimes you need to go through an utterly vexing time in order to come to a point of personal awakening and transformation. This is a test of your faith and you will no doubt come out of this a stronger person.