Sun reversed (Cross Spread)

Sun reversed

The Sun reversed indicates that finding the positive aspects to a particular situation may be difficult. The clouds might be blocking the warmth, and thus, preventing you from feeling that everything is right on track. Maybe your optimism and enthusiasm have been damaged because of troubles you have experienced, and hence, you question if you can really attaint what you started. You may feel sad or depressed, reluctant to go forth and even no longer enjoying what you are doing. However, the Sun is never a negative card, so this moment is only temporary. These obstacles can be removed if you work on it, it may take more effort than as usual.
On the other hand, maybe you are too positive. Your vision of a especial situation might be excessively unrealistic or optimistic. You may have lost the sense of yourself and what you are capable and not capable of doing. If you feel this way, ask others for feedback and to give you an assessment of reality.