Sun (Cross Spread)


The Sun represents richness, radiance and success. The Sun gives you strength and suggests that wherever you go or whatever you do, your radiant and positive energy will follow you and will bring you bliss and joy. You attract people because you are able to see the bright side, and this brings warmth to other people’s lives. This warm and blooming energy is what will get you through rough times and will help you succeed.
You have an inherent sense of confidence at the moment. Life is good, the sun is shining and you are on your way to attaining your goals. The sun brings with luck, enthusiasm, wellness, positive consciousness, attainment and success. It is about embracing your destiny and giving it your best. The Sun is also a vigorous card. It reflects a time when you can experience a boost in vitality, physical energy and general positivity.
The Sun reflects the value of simplicity. Experience the freedom and release associated with living the simple life and doing what you enjoy most. Return to the simple pleasures like spending time with loved ones. Expect a hike in the right direction and trust that work can and will be done, with relative little effort.
This is a time when you will feel enlightened. You can finally see the preceding and through the trials you have undergone, you have achieved a new level of insight and understanding.