Temperance reversed (Cross Spread)

Temperance reversed

Temperance reversed reflects a time when something is out of balance or in conflict, and is thus creating stress and tension in your life. Look to the other cards in the reading to understand what is out of balance. You may be acting impatiently or refusing to take the measured approach. Be careful of rushed action as this will only lead to further imbalance.
Temperance reversed can suggest that you lack a long-term vision and as a result you are feeling out of balance. This is a time when you need to think on what changes are necessary in your life to create greater purpose and fulfilment. Go back to the energy of the Death card to understand what you need to leave behind you in the past and what changes you need to embrace in the future.
People you are dealing with are proving to be uncooperative or you may feel as though your interests are in conflict. Getting the stream right between you seems an impossible task. You are both trying to express your individuality in very different manners. Unresolved conflicts in both of you have yet to be expressed clearly, indeed you may not be aware of them, although you know that something is wrong. A staid quarrel may be necessary to clear the air and establish new ground rules.