The ace of Coins (Cross Spread)

The ace of Coins

The Ace of Pentacles stands for fresh energy, inspiration and new beginnings. Pentacles are the equivalent to the element of Earth, and thus, it symbolizes the material world and things related to the body and matter. Pentacles also represent money and financial concerns that you may have when performing the reading. Therefore, the Ace represents the beginning of new energy and reenergized interest in the financial or material areas of your life. It may be new investments or the eagerness to embark on a new business project. There is also a possibility of money coming from an unexpected source. This card announces a feeling of abundance and prosperity that should be happily accepted.
The Ace is about the manifestation of your goals, and moving to a more positive state of mind regarding what you are able to attain. Your ideas are ready to become real. Thus, this card sees you starting to think exactly how you will fulfil your goals by creating action plans and getting this actions going. There are available opportunities that will help you to manifest there goals and bring out you inner potential, while simultaneously generate some financial income.
The Ace of Pentacles can suggest that we need to introduce something new into the equation. Instead of letting things continue the way they do, and hope that they just work out, this card suggests that you add something new to the mix. Think about something you might normally not do or something out-of-character. For example, it can be taking a class to learn a certain new skill or joining a club.