The Eight of Pentacles reversed (Cross Spread)

The Eight of Pentacles reversed

The Eight of Pentacles reversed can reflect that your attention to detail is hampering change and innovation. The Eight of Pentacles represents perfection in a world that only needs perfect pentacles. But if things change and you have to take a risk, the reversed Eight of Pentacles shows that this perfectionism has become an obstacle to your success. You will have to get rid of the regularity and predictability of doing what you have mastered and be ready to make a Fool of yourself again.
The reversed Eight of Pentacles can suggest that you are working really hard on something but it is not taking you to the desired results, and thus, leading to disappointment and frustration because of the lack of progress and success. Sometimes, we focus on improving a part of ourselves or try to fix something that we do not realize that all the effort is going on the wrong direction. You need to take a look at the bigger picture and ask if this is the right direction for you right now. You can go back to the energy of the Seven of Pentacles to reprioritize and invest in the activities that will give you the best return.
In a reading about work, this card can suggest a time when you lack the dedication, ambition or commitment to complete your work. You are unable to take some time out to gain more long-term safety because you are too busy with everyday issues and worries. Thus, most of your energies are wasted in going after short-term rewards. Instead of trying to look for lesser improvements in what you are already doing, this card suggests a completely unconventional thinking. Look for something unrelated to your business. Look for something new. It is the right time for you to change course.