The Emperor reversed (Cross Spread)

The Emperor reversed

Reversed, the Emperor can suggest that there is an abuse of authoritative power around you. He can be incredibly bossy and rigid in his thinking. It could be originating from you or from another person, often a boss, partner or a father-figure.
You may feel powerless when the Emperor reversed appears in a reading. Dealing with authority is filled with difficulties at this time and regardless of the form in which this manifests, you do not seem to be making progress. Paradoxically, such structures are necessary now to ensure your freedom. This is not the time to rebel, instead try to get in touch with your own need to control events and deal with any problems logically.
Sometimes, the reversed Emperor asks you to stand up to authority and that you do not always have to do things in the traditional way. You may also be inspired to work independently, maybe even starting up your own business in order to be free.
If the reversed Emperor comes up in a career reading, you may be at a point now where you want to avoid having to deal with this type of person and you are now ready to embrace something new.
On a personal level, the reversed Emperor can indicate that you ambition, lack self-control and the ability to deal with any kind of authority. In fact, you hate any kind of order. However, it might be necessary to bring more structure to your life at this moment. Recently things may have gotten quite out of control and it is time to bring order back.
In a relationship reading, the reversed Emperor suggests that you may be in an unequal relationship and this is making you unhappy in the long-term. Your partner has become authoritative, possessive, over-bearing, and dominating. Your partner has become stubborn and highly structured. This is hindering the relationship and obstructing the creative flow of energies between you.