The Empress reversed (Cross Spread)

The Empress reversed

Reversed, the Empress suggests you are excessively focusing on others’ emotional or material needs and thus losing your personal power and neglecting your own needs. You may also be finding it difficult to work cooperatively with others. Introspection is needed since the reason for this lack of harmony is likely to be within.
In a relationship reading, the Empress reversed suggests that you are feeling very challenged because you do not have a channel to express your true thoughts and feelings and you are obliged to bottle it up instead. You need to share your feelings with someone so that you can understand them and get in touch with your inner self.
If you are struggling in a relationship, the first step for you is to take some time to yourself in order to restore your energy levels and your belief in yourself. Unfortunately, your past relationships have impacted how you see yourself and your ability to truly love and trust another person. As a result, you may be doubting your inner beauty and losing your inspiration for creating beautiful, loving relationships.
You may also be overprotective of someone you love and this is hindering your relationship. Be cautious not to become a smothering and demanding mother. Be careful not to overdraw on the characteristics of the upright Empress.
More generally, the Empress reversed indicates that you are feeling dissatisfied because something is missing or lacking in your life, or because you want to find something creative, meaningful or fulfilling to do but you do not know what. This card can suggest a creative block. You may find yourself depressed or negative. This is not a time to act, think or do. You are already overloaded and mental pursuits will not give you what you need.
The Empress reversed may also indicate issues with pregnancy, whether it is infertility or an unwanted pregnancy.