The Empress (Cross Spread)

The Empress

The Empress shows a deep connection with our femininity. Femininity can be translated in different ways – sensuality, fertility, creative expression, beauty, nurturing – and is necessary to balance both men and women. The Empress urges you to connect with your feminine energy. Get in touch with your sensuality through touch, sound, taste, smell and sight. Gather these senses to experience pleasure and deep fulfilment. Discover new ways to express yourself in a creative way; it can be painting, drama, music or any other form of art. This may be the perfect time to take up a new hobby that lets you access this part of yourself.
The Empress may also indicate pregnancy or birth. Look to other cards in the reading to confirm if this is an actual birth or pregnancy (for example, the Ace or Page of Cups or the Four of Wands) or if it is metaphorical (for example, the Ace of Wands). On a metaphorical level, this card might suggest the birth of a new product, idea or way of being.
The Empress encourages you to spend time in nature. Give yourself the time and the space to enter into a different frame of mind where you can really connect with Mother Earth and receive her into your mind and heart. You have the potential to connect between the Earth and the Universe.
The Empress encourages you to connect with others by caring, supporting and nurturing those who surround you. Find ways to support dialogue and open communication, creating a space to freely express your feelings.
The Empress indicates that the energy from the Universe is about to intervene in your life. It may be just enough to give you a glimpse of a miracle or it may be even more. What appears to be a coincidence may actually be the result of a series of good choices you have made. It is your turn to be blessed and to feel nurtured. Know that you deserve to receive this loving embrace.