The Four of Pentacles reversed (Cross Spread)

The Four of Pentacles reversed

The conservative aspect of the Four, once reversed, turns into meanness and greed. You dread poverty and thus you are forced to be materialistic. You are incredibly reticent to spend money. Alternatively, you may be spending way too much money and need to control better your financial resources.
This card asks you to ease your grasp on your need for stability and security and leave your comfort zone. Although it may feel a little uncertain at first, it is an important step in your personal development.
In relationship reading, the Four of Pentacles reversed suggests that you have spent your time on building your career or on material acquisitions instead of your relationships. Financially speaking, this approach has been really successful, but in terms of true connections with others is has been very limited. What is important is to realize that success in your career is beneficial but only to a certain extent. You need to analyze your life and see what you can give up, especially in terms of time and effort put on work or other similar activities, so you can free up some energy for personal relationships.