The King of Pentacles reversed (Cross Spread)

The King of Pentacles reversed

The King of Pentacles reversed may show an excessive interest in material things, including wine, good food or sex. Although these can be fun, they can also be taken to an extreme. He can also be very obstinate and traditional about some things. He also counts on being King of his castle, and is possessive about his home and things.
The reversed King of Pentacles is somebody who will do anything for money. He is easily impressed by other people’s social position and status, and will readily say yes to any request by somebody above him. Additionally, he rejects those who are not at his same level of status or authority. He may come across as a snob, and constantly tries to prove himself. This person can be a workaholic or excessively lazy who assumes that others will take care of him financially. He might care only for his possessions and even use other people to obtain them.
The reversed King of Pentacles can be extremely inflexible in his approach, so if this card shows up in a reading, take a look at your life. It is good to have your feet on the ground, but we all need to occasionally get some fresh air up in the air.
This card might represent someone who dreads commitment and has a fervent desire not to commit to anyone. You might think you have met the man of your dreams but you find out that he is not what you are looking for. He might prove not to be as reliable or dependable as he initially seemed to be, and might have become authoritative and possessive.
In a family reading, the reversed King of Pentacles can suggest family abuse by means of ill-usage of control, authority and power. He might be extremely inflexible, rigid and punitive; putting down others and foundering to show his love by positive ways.