The King of Swords reversed (Cross Spread)

The King of Swords reversed

The King of Swords reversed can suggest the misuse of your authority, drive or mental power. This card represents persuasion and manipulation to fulfil selfish needs. This card may represent a person in your life or even yourself. You need to be careful of this type of person because, although he/she may be intelligent and charming, they can do only harm. They will only fight for their own interests and in doing so, they will do whatever they can to achieve these interests, even if it means stepping on others.
Similarly, the King of Swords reversed can be quite a tyrant and a'loose cannon‘. He is prone to angry outbursts and aggression, especially if you challenge his authority or make him look bad. He is not pleasant to be around and is likely to put you down.
The reversed King of Swords can also indicate a lack of decisiveness in terms of choosing a direction where to move. You are still making up your mind about what you really want to do and what is going to inspire you. This lack of decision means a lack of direction at this time, so it is critical that you drive energy towards making a decision and then acting upon it.