The King of Wands reversed (Cross Spread)

The King of Wands reversed

The King of Wands reversed personality type can make rash, hasty, and impulsive decisions. This person can be dominating, pushy, and overbearing at times. This is rarely done with malice or an intention to make someone else submissive, it is just a strong tendency that sometimes takes control. The King of Wands type usually does not even realise when he or she crosses the line between being assertive and aggressive.
At worse, the reversed King of Wands typifies the most selfish, ruthless qualities of fire. He can denote a manipulative business contact who will use you as long as it serves his purpose. He may be a rival, competitor or unscrupulous opponent. In love, he represents a delightful flirtation that could wreak emotional havoc. He is only suitable for limited liaisons, holiday romances or brief, passionate encounters. His flames are bright and warm but soon die down.
As an aspect of yourself, the reversed King of Wands can suggest that you have set your expectations of yourself too high and may struggle to achieve those expectations. As such, you may end up feeling like a failure because you have not been able to achieve what you want in both areas of your life. Set more realistic goals for yourself and know that you cannot do everything nor please everyone. There may also be times when you become frustrated with the lack of progress in your endeavours, particularly if this is being influenced by your dependence on others. You may find that there are some people who are holding you back and preventing you from fully realising your dreams and goals. If this is the case, it is best to cut them loose as no amount of energy will change their perspective. You may also need to be a bit more lenient on others and accept that not everyone has as much energy and drive as you to achieve results. Accept what they have to offer and do not expect anything more.