The lovers reversed (Cross Spread)

The lovers reversed

The Lovers reversed indicates that you are not being accountable for the consequences of your own actions. You have rushed into a decision based only on your desire for instant gratification and now you are trying to blame others or even fate. If possible, you have to do what you can to mend this, otherwise, let it go and make better choices in the future.
This card also indicates inner conflicts and a war with yourself. It also suggests disharmony and difficulties to balance your inner union. You will need to focus on connecting your personal values and belief systems. This will help you to make better decisions in the future.
In a relationship reading, the Lovers reversed indicate that there may be some imbalance. You are starting to realize that your values are actually different and your visions of the future are different, thus this brings disharmony to the relationship. If not solved, these essential differences can be extinctive for the relationship. Additionally, it may reflect that feelings within the relationship are not mutual. One of the partners might have deeper feelings than the other; this could lead, in the future, to disappointments and insecurity about the relationship. You might be hesitant to open your heart to the relationship because you fear getting hurt.