The Magician reversed (Cross Spread)

The Magician reversed

Reversed, the Magician can indicate deceit, greed, manipulation and using one’s skill and ability for negative goals. It can reflect deception and cunning, dubiousness and mental confusion. The Magician reversed often suggests that you may be disconnected from reality and experiencing some difficulties to bring yourself back down to earth. There may be impatience, confusion and lack of a clear plan. You need to return to the lesson of the Fool and free yourself from the present situation in order to give yourself some perspective and reevaluate the situation.
The Magician reversed shows that you have lots of abilities, skills and talents that are not being used at the moment and you feel as if your true potential is not being maximized. You may feel you have so much more to give, that there are talents that you have gained but which are not being used right now. You know there is something you are really good at but you have not given yourself the opportunity to fully explore this skill. You will need to find opportunities to pierce this skill and bring it into your conscious mind.
Similarly, the Magician reversed in a spiritual reading suggests that you have a particular skill that could help your spiritual journey but you are not yet using this skill. You may also be eager to pursue new spiritual interests, especially if your current path is not fully meeting your needs. Be open to change and know that it is ok to have different spiritual beliefs and skills.