The Nine of Cups reversed (Cross Spread)

The Nine of Cups reversed

Since the Nine of Cups is a card of satisfaction, when reversed, it suggests disappointment because your desires are not fulfilling as you had expected. You may not have actively pursued those dreams, or your expectations might have been unrealistic.
On an emotional level, it suggests that deep down there is something missing, and that fulfillment you have been looking for has not been achieved yet. Disappointment might be because of mistakes, greed, superficial values, gluttony, shallowness, and an extreme preoccupation with fulfilling your desires at the expense of others.
Physically, the reversed Nine of Cups can suggest misfortune because of over-indulging in food, drugs or alcohol and the consequences this entails.
This card can also indicate greed and lack of concern for the needs of others. You may have a wrong image of how your behavior impacts on others, and might sometimes be boasting about your successes when others are suffering. Be thoughtful, and even if you have something go on about, think how it will impact others.