The Page of Cups reversed (Cross Spread)

The Page of Cups reversed

The Page of Cups reversed indicates someone is immature or having emotional troubles. Maybe a person escaping through alcohol and/or drugs, someone who is running away from reality. A person that is emotionally insecure an who cannot have healthy relationships. He lacks self-acceptance and self-love. He is easily depressed, selfish and insincere. This may be someone you know or even a reflection of your shadow self.
This card can indicate substance abuse, especially if it is paired with the Devil. Drugs or alcohol might be a way to escape from reality and dream of a better one.
The reversed Page of Cups can represent a creative block. You have ideas, but you have trouble in finding a way to make them into reality.
The reversed Page of Cups can indicate that you are following a hunch without thinking if it is realistic or not. Maybe you are acting without thinking, or being seduced by ideas, especially the ones that go against common sense like promises that cannot be kept.