The Queen of Cups reversed (Cross Spread)

The Queen of Cups reversed

The Queen of Cups reversed indicates that you might be feeling out of touch with your emotions, or that you are forced to restrict how you really feel. You may have problems in expressing yourself, and instead, you are bottling up your feelings. If you do not address this problem, it will reach a boiling point eventually.
This card suggests some dissatisfaction or disconnection from your spirituality in your life.
In relationships, this card suggests a time in which is hard to separate emotions from sensibility. The reversed Queen of Cups also warns you not to enter into any agreement with those who seem to play on your sense of guilt, since they may not be what they seem.
The reversed Queen of Cups can suggest you are relying too much on other people‘s emotional responses, which may give place to a co-dependency type relationship. You may want to examine your current relationships. Is there co-dependency? Are you giving too much of yourself and not getting anything in return?