The Queen of Swords reversed (Cross Spread)

The Queen of Swords reversed

The Queen of Swords reversed indicates that currently you may be thinking more with your heart than your head. You may be very emotionally involved in a particular issue or situation but this may be twisting your perception of the situation. You need to use your head more to understand what is happening and read the signals more precisely.
Similarly, the reversed Queen of Swords suggests that relationships are clouding your usually crystalline vision. You need to refocus your goals, yet you are reluctant because you wish not to disrupt the positive balance and harmony of your relationships with others. At the end of the day, you need to be more confident and assertive in order to be successful. Right now, analysis and clear sight, pondering options objectively and considering but not necessarily choosing are critical.
On the other hand, the reversed Queen of Swords can come across as cold-hearted, bitter and resentful particularly if she is completely void of any emotion for others. In her quest to get to the bottom of an issue, she isolates herself from others and is seen as intolerant, narrow-minded and mean.