The reversal of the Five of Swords (Cross Spread)

The reversal of the Five of Swords

The reversal of the Five of Swords shows that you really just want this period of fighting to be over, so that you can forget and forgive, and then focus your energies on restoring your relationship back to normal.
Thus, this card suggests that you are now more open to change. The fighting is over and you can look at the situation with fresh eyes. This is a good time to try to make amends with those with whom you had conflicts.
The Five of Swords reversed can sometimes indicate conflict in your life that you have tried to walk away from but which continues to follow you.
Similarly, the reversed Five of Swords can suggest the re-opening of an old wound and you are experiencing fear and tension associated with that memory. You might be especially worried that history repeats itself again, or that you get hurt again. It is important to forgive and let go.
The reversed Five of Swords serves as a reminder that, at times, it may be appropriate to disregard the opinions of others. What you will have to accept is that you cannot please everyone and there are going to be people who are annoyed that you cannot be there for them as much as in the past.