The reversed Ace of Cups (Cross Spread)

The reversed Ace of Cups

The reversed Ace of Cups urges you to limit your emotions for your benefit. For example, ending a relationship can make you want to cry for days but what the Ace of Cups reversed tells us is that in order to heal, you have to push back the tears and fight in order to keep a balance. Try not to let your emotions get the better of you or become a prisoner of them. You have to find ways to constructively express what you feel so that you can continue through life with a more balanced point of view.
Alternatively, the reversed Ace of Cups might indicate that you have repressed your feeling for too long and it is a proper time to set them free. It might be possible that because you have bottled up so many emotions, you have become incapable of feeling true emotions and instead feel a general'numbness‘ inside. In a relationship reading, the reversed Ace of Cups can indicate that you are withholding your emotions, for fear of getting hurt. You know that in order for the relationship to move forth and you have to trust in your partner but for now, you hold back. ,
You might also be experiencing an emotional roller-coaster. Life is so full of ups and downs that sometimes it is hard to know if you are going or coming. You have to take care of your emotional health.