The reversed Ace of Pentacles (Cross Spread)

The reversed Ace of Pentacles

The reversed Ace of Pentacles suggests that the financial opportunity may fall short. It might be a new job, a loan or a pay rise. This card indicates that you need to be very wary about what you can and cannot afford. Do not overextend and take on a mortgage that implies insane enormous monthly repayments, and do not depend on the promise of a future financial opportunity.
It can indicate a time when you try to materialize your goals but you do not get very far because of delays or other hindrances to your plans. If your success is limited, then you need to reassess and change your plans. Your goals might also need to be rearranged to be more realistic.
The reversed Ace of Pentacles can indicate greed, corruption and taking what you have not earned. Be cautious that you are not being excessively opportunistic and exploiting others to aspire to better earnings and profits. Obsession for greater wealth accumulation might be blinding you at the expense of other aspects of your life.
If you are thinking about embarking on a new business project or taking up a job offer, this card warns you that there are risks to success because of lack of foresight and planning. You may rush into business without doing the necessary planning, or disregard the financial aspect of your business plan. You need a better planning and more consideration for the financial aspects to get your passions and career interests in tune.