The reversed Nine of Pentacles (Cross Spread)

The reversed Nine of Pentacles

The reversed Nine of Pentacles suggests that you may be suffering from financial difficulties or you have experienced a loss due to rash decisions or foolish actions. Your foundations may be about to crumple. If they do, learn from your mistakes and build a more safe and sturdy one next time.
The Nine of Pentacles reversed can also indicate that you are working too much. You are working long hours and this is harming your personal life.
Similarly, the reversed Nine of Pentacles suggests that you may need to get rid of some of the emphasis put on having a certain income and a certain standard of living, particularly if this is hindering other life priorities such as relationships or family. You might think you need the beast of everything when actually all you need is your loved ones and your family around you. Do not hesitate and be afraid to take a cut to your income or reduce your working hours. It is important that you focus on what is most important to you. Finance matters but they might need to come second and you can make some cuts in certain areas to decrease your dependence on material wealth.
On the other hand, this card shows that you want to be able to live a life full of luxuries but there is something preventing you from doing it. You know you deserve certain things, but you doubt if you can really afford it or if you are going too far. Or you might not want to be seen as spending your money superficially.