The reversed Seven of Pentacles (Cross Spread)

The reversed Seven of Pentacles

The reversed Seven of Pentacles suggests that your efforts might be spread at the moment and you start to question if you are investing in the right areas or not. You might be spending money on things that will actually provide no results. So take the opportunity to check your present and planned investments, both in terms of money and time, and ensure that you will see a return of those investments.
In a similar sense, you may be investing a lot of energy but not reaping any of the rewards you were expecting. This card asks you to prioritize your activities so you do not invest your time in tasks what will not deliver any results.
The reversed Seven of Pentacles can indicate an important strength of you, that you know when to stop investing when you see little return. Some people tend to carry on even if it is not working because they have already invested a lot of money, energy or time into it. You are good at recognizing when a situation is no longer giving you any value and when to pack and try something else.
In a relationship reading, the reversed Seven of Pentacles suggests that you have been working hard to ground your relationship but now, for some reason, you are worried that you are going to lose everything. You might also be frustrated because the relationship is not growing or progressing as you expected, especially since you have invested so much energy and time. Sometimes you can give everything you have but that does not guarantee that there will be results. You may reach the realization that maybe it is just not worth it, and regardless of how much you try, the relationship will keep on facing obstacles.