The reversed Six of Pentacles (Cross Spread)

The reversed Six of Pentacles

The reversed Six of Pentacles suggests a one-way only street in terms of charity. Maybe you have given some money to a friend or done someone a favor, but in this instance, do not expect them to payback or to return the favor. You can expect it but it will never happen. Take this into account and be cautious about who you give money to, particularly if you are not in a solid financial situation. Although a charitable spirit is a wonderful characteristic, you need to make sure that you can support yourself while helping others. Maybe you have a tendency to give away more than what you can afford to.
Be wary of the amount of debt that you get into. With this card, it is possible that you are going too far and it will come back soon with exorbitant interest rates or even threats if you cannot pay in time.
The reversed Six of Pentacles sometimes indicates the selfish aspect of charity. Sometimes, people give away to others not for the benefit of the latter but for their own benefit. Be cautious that you are not trying to show others that you are generous because you are able to give to the poor or those in need. Strive to give selflessly instead of selfishly.